Tips for Effective Retail Shopping in Nigeria

Effective Retail Shopping

Effective Retail Shopping – The exponential growth of the Nigerian population vis-à-vis the arithmetic growth of large, medium and small scale retailers signifies that customers still maintain the king status. This status is further elevated into an alpha status with the adoption of the cyberspace as a medium of communication deeply integrated into our daily lives. After all, who is the target audience of retailers besides customers?

Despite the abundance of the power vested in the hands of Nigerian consumers, the chances of getting short-changed or getting less value for money is still very much a possibility if certain tips are not taken into consideration. The singular most important variable that determines whether or not we shop effectively is the COST;

  • How much of our time is spent on a daily/weekly or monthly basis to acquire our needs?
  • What is the financial implication on our bank accounts? Could we have gotten more value with the same money?
  • Can we ascertain the quality of the product we are purchasing?
  • Are we being exposed to security risks by making this purchase?

The aforementioned tips will be examined in details:

  1. Time: Unlike most developed countries with an efficient transport system, moving around can be time-consuming in Nigeria. In cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja, moving around to acquire your basic needs can cost you a whole day if care is not taken. By using a trusted online medium to acquire the needed items, you will have saved a lot of productive time and effort. Patronizing online retail stores also afford you the additional privilege of going through large repositories in a shorter time frame.
  2. Price: As desirous and advantageous as it might be to shop from the comfort of one’s home without spending a lot of productive time, it must also come at a reasonable cost to buyers before it can be regarded as an efficient purchase. By partnering with manufacturers of major household commodities, lots of online retailers are able to sideline the middlemen and drastically cut down the cost of the items they sell. Please note, the aforementioned does not in any way imply that all online retailers have a direct link with manufacturers or are willing to sell at a lower price at all times.
  3. Quality Assurance: Can you effectively save time and money without compromising on quality? The answer to this question depends largely on the online retail shop you are dealing with. The Nigerian cyberspace is filled with lots of retailers who are in a competitive race to acquire the loyalty of customers. Thus, any genuine online retailer understands the risk associated with selling substandard products. Besides, it is also easier to get a refund or replacement if the need arises because online retailers understand the multifactorial consequences associated with a bad customer review.

Of course, the above declaration is not an exhaustive list of the tips that must be taken into consideration before an effective retail purchase can be said to have occurred. Other factors like swiftness of delivery and the protection of personal data against unauthorized users are also equally important.

Glancing through the aforementioned points once again, how many online retailers can effectively provide us with cost-effective products without compromising on quality and costing us a significant amount of time? Well, there are a handful of such firms in Nigeria. Among such firms is Stevenchuks Global Associate Limited.

We are your one-stop-shop for all household items at an amazingly cheap price. By partnering with multinational and local manufacturers, we are able to sell most of our products at a price lower than the market price.

We are the authorized distributor of:

  • Laser Salad Cream, Laser Ketchup, Laser Baked beans and Golden country mayonnaise (the official cream salad, ketchup, Baked Beans and Mayonnaise of the Big Brother Naija TV show) in Nigeria.
  • MyHealth Tea (the manufacturers of MyHealth Green Tea, MyHealth Diabetic Tea, MyHealth Cinnamon Tea and other organically brewed tea)
  • And so many other household items.

In addition to offering company price to consumers, we occasionally give out coupons and organize flash sales that could reduce your expenses by more than half.

From all we have discussed, it is clear that a lot of factors are involved in the actualization of an efficient purchase. One must have a good price that will cost the least amount of money and time to acquire, and at a good quality. The aforementioned is what we offer at all times to all our customers. For more information, please visit our website at or Call +23480113591568/+2348034446604 for an exclusive list of the varieties of products we offer.

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