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With the increasing global shifts to a more digitalized world where virtually almost anything can be achieved from an internet-enabled device, the e-commerce section of the cyberspace is among the most used section all over the world for so many reasons, some of which are: the ability to check through varieties of commodities without having to move physically, compare prices without being lured by a sales rep and above all, make purchases without leaving your comfort zone.

While we are yet to fully imbibe the culture of online shopping in Nigeria for some reasons, we have seen an improvement in internet usage for e-commerce-related activity in Nigeria. Both the international and local e-commerce websites are currently experiencing a steady increase in visits from Nigerian users. Of course, not every Nigerian visitor will visit with the immediate intention of buying, but visiting is always the first step required to make a purchase from an e-commerce website.

Not surprisingly, the relatively high number of internet users in Nigeria did not necessarily lead to the increase in e-commerce transaction on the Nigerian cyberspace. This is because the majority of Nigerians still have little trust in the system and it’s totally understandable. For safe online shopping tips as a Nigerian, below are some of the points that must be noted:

  1. You must be careful with your banking details: Regardless of the level of protection put in place by an e-commerce website, you must also do your part by securing your banking details from any other third party user. Aside from that, you should also:
  • Be conversant with the exact figures contained in your bank account.
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi for online purchase as your activities can be monitored via such a connection.
  • Have an efficient antivirus program on your system.
  1. Make a purchase on verified sites only: There are a handful of verified e-commerce websites that have been consistent with service delivery since inception. In addition to the aforementioned, you can also make research on how fast their delivery service is and the response rate of their customer service. These factors when put together will improve the quality of your choice.
  2. Compare prices: The cyberspace is a competitive space with several e-commerce website owners trying to acquire the larger user base. As a result, price differences are usually marginal. Nonetheless, comparing prices before making a purchase is never a bad idea as those marginal differences could make all the difference in the long run.
  3. Buy from Us: While we are not necessarily jack of all trades, the few products we sell (Health teas, wines and other retail products listed on our websites) are sourced directly from the manufacturers. Thus, our online store is one of the best places to get genuine products for an unbeatable price. Our pay on delivery process is top-notch while also having the latest SSL encryption technology to protect against data breaches.

For more information about the types of products we sell and our delivery/pickup options, please visit our website at or call +23480113591568/+2348034446604.

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