Prioritizing Customers’ Needs for Quality Products in Nigeria.

Customers’ Needs – While the old saying “Customers are always right” might not be totally applicable in all situations, any business that is established with the intention of making at least a survival profit must always keep it in mind that their businesses are established with the sole aim of pleasing customers. You are in business to serve the needs of your customers and how well you are able to serve these needs goes a long way in determining whether or not your business will survive the competitive nature of the market.

Customers being human, it is understandable that you might not be able to tick all the boxes required to fully satisfy all customers (except you don’t intend to stay in business for long) at all times. Regardless of your limited budget or any other situation, you shouldn’t attempt to compromise on the quality of your products at any point in time. Customers might be willing to endure a not so good customer support team, late delivery of service or a gradual increase in the price of your products, but the majority of them will not think twice about dumping your products the moment they discover that the quality has been watered.

Of course, this does not imply that attending to the other needs (quality customer service, timely delivery where appropriate and many others) of customers is not crucial for business survival. Rather, in a situation where you will have to rank customers’ needs based on their significance level, offering quality products should always top the list.

Here are a few reasons why you should always prioritize customers need for quality products over any other needs:

  1. It’s the easiest way to earn customers’ trust: In an increasingly competitive market where competitors are willing to take the extra risk in an attempt to out-do each other and have more customers, consistently producing quality-laden outputs will undoubtedly carve a reputation for you in the market and bring you more profits in the long run.


  • You have one less problem to worry about: Business transactions are not expected to be smooth as one or two problems will almost always arise. However, by focusing on quality outputs alone, you would have drastically reduced the rate at which your product will be returned for poor quality. As a result, your customer support team are availed with the opportunity to focus more on enquiries and requests (which are obviously good for business).



  • Quality product market itself: Recommendations from friends and families (especially existing users of that product) carries more weight in the ears of a potential buyer than any other modern marketing gimmicks available. By offering quality products/services to your customers, you invariably place your customers in a position to market your products for you. As we all know, no advertisement is as convincing to potential buyers than the testimonial of an existing user.


From the above, we could easily see that while prioritizing customers’ needs for quality products seems like a mission to serve the customers, it is not entirely true. Offering quality products/services benefit the seller more than the buyer by a wide margin.

At Stevenchuks, not only do we understand the significance of offering quality products to customers at all times, but we also value the other needs of customers. Patronize us today and be exposed to a wide array of quality-laden products produced under the best environment.

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